We guide you on the path of your successful investment in Indonesia

My name is Alena Hintnausova, and since the year 2000 I worked as a Finance Manager for trade and manufacturing companies in Europe. I first visited Indonesia as a tourist in 2007 and since then the Island of Bali, which has since become my second home.

Thanks to traveling around the Indonesian islands I have learned not only the customs and traditions of the local people, their ethnic and religious diversity, but I have also met my husband, new friends and business contacts.

The attractiveness of Indonesia magnetizes me and millions of tourists they come every year to this archipelago, which has led to an increased interest in investment, mainly in real estate.

It should be noted that the environment here is favourable for investors for its all-year-round tourist season, low operating costs, a simple tax system, relatively low Income tax, government investment support, minimal crime, but also the possibility of discovering new locations untouched by civilizations.